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RIBBON HYBRID / Newform Research (Canada)

Speaker designer John Meyer has created his own monopole ribbon and incorporating this in front of Scan Speak (or Peerless) mid-bass drivers to create a coaxial line-source which is one of the best and most affordable high end audio performing speakers anywhere in the world. The approach allows for a narrow vertical sound source which is very easy for room placement with high sensitivity (over 94db) and also completely modular or 'stackable' to manage smaller to very large rooms. The ribbons feature very wide horizontal dispersion for a very large sweet spot with very little vertical dispersion which significantly reduces ceiling and floor reflections which gives great transparency and detail to the music. Also excellent for home theatre because of the great dynamic range and very low distortion at high volume levels - especially for highs. These new models have won distinction at AXPONA in Chicago 2013 with Jonathan Valin of The Absolute Sound giving them 'Most interesting Speaker'. Other models are configured with the ribbons positioned above the drivers allowing for only the narrow ribbon profile to extend above the cabinet for a beautiful contemporary look. Speakers come with either internal or external cross-overs or for highest sensitivity and efficiency and integration can be actively crossed by DEQX active speaker pre-amp or by your own preferred active cross-over unit.


This is a long standing company founded by Dr. Roger West who has continued to develop the technology for his electrostats for over 20 years. Since the beginning these speakers have been famous for their incredible natural and spacious sound. With only 1 large surface requiring no cross-over complexity, nothing can recreate the natural sound of acoustical music and even movie soundtrack 'sounds' of nature and spoken language. Recent technological advances and design improvements have solved very successfully most, if not all, weak points in electrostatic design. Many 'myths' which linger about this unique design are no longer applicable and a fresh listen to these incredible lifelike sounding speakers is much deserved. The most recent improvement is a much advanced torroid which allows for the first time for electrostats to exceed 90db sensitivity allowing nearly any amp to be able to drive the speakers to 'real-life' sound levels and dynamics. Also the addition of a copper diffusion ring around the perimeter allows for constant and consistent charge of the surface to allow consistent sound reproduction making humidity and environment issues no longer a concern. Probably one of the biggest improvements is the use of Soundlab's patented distributed resonance pattern for the panels which effectively deals with dipole energy cancellation and 'drum head' effect. The result is incredible natural bass extension unheard of in full range electrostats previously. The Full Range electrostats are made with faceted panels to form a curve which allow for the most linear movement of the membrane and radiate sound at 45 degrees from the center of the speaker horizontally which is ideal for limiting side wall reflections and as sound is not radiated above and below the speaker the ceiling and floor refections are equally kept to a minimum. The result is the clear natural and beautifully detailed soundstage of a superbly designed electrostatic speaker.