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Welcome to Living Secrets Audio. This is where you can explore rare and exotic designs for sound reproduction. The manufacturers we represent use combinations of beautiful construction and original designs which incorporate the latest engineering and technologies to achieve unmatched sound reproduction. Many of the worlds finest audio designs are never seen and never heard in Japan. Most companies dedicated to ultimate sound performance are simply too small and too exclusive to find a way into Japan's difficult market system. For many years 'evolution' in the audio field can be described as being driven by competition and the need to maintain sales and profitability. For most companies this means achieving and maintaining volume sales to survive and it would seem that digital technology has supported efforts for improved audio performance. It is true that new computer design softwares make for 'high tech' visuals and new materials are introduced for product construction, but the designs continue in most part to be focused for mass production. There is a compromise: to satisfy the larger demands of the majority, audio excellence is in most cases not the ultimate goal. Instead convenience has become a key factor. While keeping sound performance within an 'acceptable' range, other factors like component size and media accessibility and storage capability are balanced and compromised with production costs and pricing to create marketable products. Living Secrets is proud to represent a few very special audio product makers of distinction that are dedicated to sound quality first. They take the time and patience to supervise their own designs and production which means they cannot be mass produced and instead are built to order in small quantities. These products are for those customers who have also taken the time to find these audio specialists and who appreciate the excellence of their creations. Each product has their own special and unique features using designs and engineering technologies which set them apart from the rest. At Living Secrets all components are displayed in various real listening environments for your listening comparison. Our goal is to provide some very rare alternatives to inspire your interest in music and sound reproduction. No words can describe what your ears can hear. Please come and listen.