About us



A Brief Explanation

Living Secrets is a concept which continues to develop….my hope is to be able to share some unique or rare ways of decorating, enjoying and inspiring our lives with music, audio, furniture, craft, art, food and other lifestyle elements. You might describe this place as a ‘living’ showroom of various items and collections under continuos change and evolution. It takes some time to get used to the idea. There is no description of the potential….you only need to come visit and imagine it yourself. Welcome!      

Concerts / Parties and Special Events

A unique and versatile setting, Living Secrets is host for many kinds of events for your enjoyment and experience. This kind of function is intended to combine display of permanent collections and sales pieces together with musical performances and /or temporary exhibitions and often includes some homemade foods or drinks to enhance your experience.      


The furniture originates mostly from Northern Europe (Denmark, Sweden, Norway) but also from Canada and U.S.A. Denmark especially is famous for beautiful Teak furniture designed and produced in the 1950′s 60′s and 70′s. The designs are both unique and the furniture is very strong and functional. These are not old enough to be considered antiques, but are considered very good or excellent condition mid-20th century pieces.      


The carpets are all hand made and mostly Persian carpets. While they are a little more expensive, it is important to know that they are completely natural and made with natural dyes and are all very unique and are very strong; enough to last a lifetime. The shaggy carpets and some more modern designs are from India and Turkey but are also made by hand, very beautiful and ‘one of a kind’.      


Other materials and arts and ceramics are all imported from around the world and displayed and you are welcome to look at everything and to ask anything.      


The audio equipment is also very unique and uses technology and designs which are very rarely seen or heard in Japan. Living Secrets is happy to be the only official licensed dealer for several highly respected audio manufactures from Italy, Canada and the USA.      

Hi-rez Recordings/CD’s

Experienced and award winning recording genius Todd Garfinkle makes some of the best acoustic recordings in the world of ethnic, chamber, baroque, jazz and contemporary classical music. All available for sample listening and purchase. Please take the time to have a listen.      

LSTC and English Conversation

Next to Living Secrets main facility is Living Secret’s Tennis Club facility (LSTC). This facility is open for rent for special private tennis events, BBQ’s and in combination with Living Secrets as an English conversation school for both children and adults. English lesson are being planned to open early 2014.